Gus Creek Services        James Lang
  306 South 3rd West St. #4
Missoula, MT   59801

(406) 830-6593
  • Proven experience in internet and network design and implementation.

  • 24 x 7 support

  • Custom programming for Windows and Unix - stand-alone or cgi.

  • Domain hosting for $10/month
    includes website, 1 email address and unlimited aliases.

  • Colocation for $100/month
    place your server on my network for access or redundancy.

  • Database integration.
Computers, networks, and the internet are great tools for managing and sharing information.

But with tools this complex, sometimes the information needed to run your business gets lost in the shuffle. How do you combine off-the-shelf software, legacy systems, and the new world of internet connectivity to grow your business, instead of your headaches?

The key is to match the solution to the problem, rather than the other way around.

Whether you need internet development, hosting, data-based or client-server programming, or general computer and internet expertise, I'll show you how to make the most of your existing systems, or guide you to the most cost-effective solutions.

  Skill set:
  • UNIX (Solaris, Linux) and NT administration.
  • Cgi programming using perl and Delphi Pascal.
  • Web/database integration using Perl DBI, IIS IDC/HTX, BDE, and Win32ODBC.
  • Web/credit card verification using ICVerify SDK (eCommerce solution).
  • Installation, configuration, and administration of the following web servers: Apache (Linux),O'Reilly Website (NT), IIS (NT), Netscape Enterprise Server (Solaris).
  • Netscape Suitespot.
  • Shell scripting (ksh, csh, bash, perl).
  • SQL, HTML and javascript.
  • Extensive DNS and sendmail administration experience. Sendmail - LDAP integration.
  • Java programming (developed Java interface to Informix database).
  • Integration of Unix and NT servers using Samba.
  • ColdFusion administration.
  • Configuration of Cisco routers using Cisco IOS.

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